Storytellers Services

Our values

Dream a Design values are to identify storytellers who would like to self‑publish, preserve their storyline intact and their copywrites. We aim to create quality designs and deliver outstanding service to our clientel. Working closely with self-publishing authors, organisations and entrepreneurs; 

Our bilingual production team will provide services tailored to their needs. Our goal is to inspire you to showcase, write, publish and sell your own art and books! We help with the nuts and bolts from designing to publishing. All Storytellers will be featured on our Artist page, highlighting their writing styles and philosophy.

Our services

Personalized aproach to evaluate your project and timeline
  • Cover Design
  • Book Design
  • Print on demand
  • Web presence on our webpage and facebook

We also have access to various professionals such as for: proofreading, editing and copywriting

Special Requests

We are always eager to help you with your special requests such as:

  • Research 
  • Book launch
  • E-book 
  • and more

Other services


  • Signage
  • Brochures / Flyers
  • Business cards
Helping Hand